Scathach bot

Scathach bot

Imagine a lewd bot

A wide range of nsfw, wet minigames, booru imageboards, doujinshi reader, and music players to entertain your discord server.


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Seamlessly integrated, simplified, and amplified.

Scathach integrated with third party services to provide you with the best user generated content,

Scathach breaks itself into modules allow users to interact with our API at lower levels or customize its behavior.

You can block certain tags or sources to prevent unwanted contents. Scathach will do the rest.

Booru imageboards Automated and imageboards triggering Block unwanted tags with ease The lewd holy grail minigames
Doujinshi aggregator on Discord Play music on Discord SauceNAO image search on Discord Anilist search on Discord!

Here, see what Scathach bot can do?


The next level nsfw bot.

Scathach breaks itself into modules to allow users to interact with our API at lower levels or adding optional call such as bulk requests, imagebomb, search behaviour, automated, send or troll to another users.

  • Interactive Booru imageboards, Pixiv, or and more.
  • Say no more with single image, request up to 30 images at once!
  • Automated posts nsfw with ease!
  • Automated trigger on your favorite links!
  • Send images to anyone who consents to receive, wet!
  • Tags and query blocker, block any tags you don't like!

The lewd holy grail.

Waifu lacur is real, play solo or multiplayer with your friends, claim tons of waifus, It's dangerous! It's a wet! It's a wild! Play with friends and mess with 'em. Stay away and don't let your friends lewding your waifus

  • Seamlessly integrate with popular games which is waifuable.
  • Fgo, Genshin impact, Arknights, and more.
  • Fancy profiles, customizable with your favorite servants
  • Become Seigi no mikontol, and compete with your friends
  • Global leaderboard, live on
Doujin reader

Doujinshi readers.

Ever wanted to read and download doujin books from your comfort Server? Try Scathach bot! The most daring doujin bot over Discord, Supported website: nhentai, pururin, hentaifox and more.

  • Seamlessly integrate with popular doujinshi web.
  • Interacts with ease, and fast.
  • User experienced with interactive buttons.
  • Scathach is designed to always return the result you want.
Auto trigger

Auto trigger and media built-in.

Tired of typing commands? Scathach know how to be an automated bot, with built-in auto trigger, just paste link as much as you want no matter what kind imageboard you want to give, Scathach will do the rest.

  • Integrate with popular imageboards, pixiv, and doujinshi!
  • Auto response and simulating media galleries with ease.
  • Your friendly automated tools for artist and illustrator.
  • The smartest railgun for people loves artwork and illustration.
  • Just paste the link, and Scathach will do the rest.

Stop being lewd, play music.

Scathach offers a detailed music system giving you the power to stream and listening music with ease. No queue limits, play song from almost every source. 24/7 stay on your comfort channels with interactive player buttons and plenty of audio and sound effects.

  • Seamlessly integrate with youtube, spotify, and more.
  • Full control, Queueing Tracks, Volume Control, Pausing and Skipping
  • Player restoration, Scathach restarts? your queue will be restored
  • More, and more coming soon!

The wildest ASMR!

Listening to ASMR Radio on Discord! Are you tired of being overwhelmed by your daily activities? Scathach offers an ASMR radio that can help you relax and calm or either turn you on though. You'd be surprised there is a Big Ara ara energy or Snu snu by succubus and vampire!

  • Built-in 8D audio and sound effects
  • Audio that 'tricks' on your anu... If you know. You know. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Audio that 'tricks' your brain into thinking you're in a bigger space.
  • Audio that 'tricks' you into thinking you're in a different place.
  • The audio that 'tricks' you, You're here, You're the main character!
  • Tons of radio stations, bimbo mommies, succubus, and more!
Ai chatbot

The AI with master and servant bondings!

Fine tunely crafted with the OpenAssistant. Scathach bot bringing you the best AI experience with plenty of TypeMoon waifu bondings! Don't want to be alone? Scathach and others is here for you! ask them anything, If still covered by the models it will answer you! Try it now!

  • Helps you with your daily activities
  • Homework, assignments, Cooking recipes, and more.
  • Or even asking code how to fetch API with Rust-lang?
  • Of course! It's a bot, It's an AI, It's a waifu, definitely It's a bot waifu!

Moderation and User engagement system.

Did you think that Scathach is just a lewd bot? If that so You probably using the clone of Scathach bot! (⚈ ̫ ⚈) Set welcoming new members and assign them automatically to the roles, Advanced purge and prune messages, and the most important is the AUTOMATED ALT DETECTION with age and account creation date! ..and more and more coming soon!

  • Fancy welcomer cards for everyone!
  • Assign roles automatically to the new members
  • Manual kick, ban, forceban is certainly exists!
  • Dealing with a bunch alt accounts with ease.

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