Scathach bot Playlist guide

That is easy, there is 2 way to use playlist, you can use /play with Automated response or /playlist add with Manual response.

* Automated response is a response that will automatically play from the music controller, You can click these buttons and Sca will handle the rest.

Click here to see the example Automated playlist

* Manual response is a response that You have to type manual.
Click here to see the example Manual playlist

That was easy, You could use /playlist show and You exactly know what to do next.

Playlist show
You can use /playlist load to load a playlist.

Playlist load

Then You could use /queue as usual to see the queue. Playlist queue
If You have a lot of songs in the playlist, there is. Sca need to resolve all the query and it takes.
You can use /playlist destroy to remove all of your playlist.
We don't have any limitation for playlist, that meant it's unlimited and the playlist will be saved forever until You remove it.
Free Premium by upvoting currently not available for playlist, You need to subscribe to use it.
Press Support button on the bottom left of this page, and we will assist you as soon as possible.