Scathach bot's Buster rewards

Scathach buster

Buster is a valuable rewards from Scathach bot, This feature only for PRO / Premium and Giveaway

@sinkaroid decided to make the whole PRO users to make more rewards, Thanks to all supporters.
Meant if you were keep support on Scathach bot You will earn and get Buster in every months! The amount will be accumulated at the beginning of every month, For example You are a PRO member for 12 months then you will get 1x buster every months and 12x buster in a year.

You can share the ScathachPRO with your friends or anyone who wants. An activate code will be sent to your mailbox $!mail or /mail at the beginning of every month. Use the codes to engage your friends to enjoy the PRO features.
Check your mailbox $!mail or /mail. This feature is available for PRO users only and will be sent every month periodically.
If you were winning the giveaway, you will get the code in the giveaway channel or ScathachGrip Team will send it.
Scathach buster code
Run activate or claim command, both can be running with $!claim buster ..SOMECODE or /claim buster: ..SOMECODE and you are ready with PRO!
It's may be delayed, please wait for a while. If you still didn't get the code, please ping us on
You can join the ScathachPRO by supporting us with pro subscription here ScathachPRO
No, this feature is intended for supporters which supporting through PRO subscription!