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What's your bot?

Customizing the features! ❤️

Your own bots. Create your own custom branding for Scathach bot, with your own avatar, name, and more customizations!

Scalable, and no more down times.

Get your own custom branded Scathach.

Scathach's Custom Branding option, you can make use of Scathach's amazing features while customizing its name, avatar and status, and definitely more customizations!

Customizing its name In the deep customizing its behaviour Your own instance
More features & custom commands Have your bug reports prioritized Bug reports prioritized

With Scathach custom branding, What will you get?


With Scathach custom branding, definitely this will your own personal bots, ability to change everything starting from regular to non regular information, base, and names that you want including:

  • You can change the bot avatar
  • You can change the bot name
  • You can change the bot status
  • You can change the bot's prefix
  • You can change the bot's description / about me
  • Change the whole settings onto bots behaviour


With Scathach custom branding, You get your own instance, that mean you have no worries for VPS to host it, Once you subscribe to, a new bot will be hosted just for you, taking over all of Scathach's functionality or its even more but with your very own branding including:

  • Lavalink server for its audio player
  • Authorization key for each third party service
  • ORM & DBMS server including the backend storage
  • Microservice API that Scathach use
  • All notification on production status sent to your server
  • You will get 1 maintainer, which absolutely nicely and good boy person often to maintaining your custom bot

More feature

With Scathach custom branding, You can also request additional feature that official Scathach bot doesn't have, we'll make it true for you including:

  • 100% Fully customizable it's behaviour according on you
  • Does it remove the vote requirement? Yes, it does
  • Does it remove the autocommands limit? Yes, it does
  • Does that mean we can create our own in minigame module? Yes!
  • Does it remove all configuration limit? Yes, You are the pilot!
  • Custom commands
  • Custom commands probably can restricted depends on it
  • Custom commands may takes more fee depends on the complexity


You want this bot to be public for everyone and ready to stand out among others? With Scathach custom branding, We'll make it true for you, Additions fee applied if your bot reach more than 100 servers or depends on the inbound/outbound traffic, this section including:

  • Bot public, can join in anyone servers
  • Ability to listening commands prefix
  • Ability to posts global slash commands
  • 100% General permission handler same with official Scathach
  • Growth vizualization web-app & statistics reports


With Scathach custom branding, this definitely you or your company hired me to maintaining your bot with 24/7 uptime, maintenance, regular updated and new features! With this role we can ensure have your bug reports prioritized and it's suggestion prioritized one above all

  • We will sent daily reports usage on your bots
  • Free vizualization web-app if you want to scale the bot more bigger
  • Bug reports prioritized one above all
  • Free talk anytime if the feature doesn't like as you expecting
  • Custom branding is Zero configuration, We'll do the rest

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Branding allows you to completely customize Scathach's appearance for a more professional look in your server.
Once you subscribe to, a new bot will be hosted just for you, taking over all of Scathach's functionality or its even more but with your very own branding.
One of our team will contact and give you a web application form to fill out with your bot's information, customizable options, and other behaviour.
Once you subscribe to, any discuss to your requirements also will be discussed, and get your bot up and running.
No, one of maintainers of Scathach bot will handle all the things for you, you just need to pay the subscription fee and we will do the rest.
The fact that we only splitting those backend stuff and storage with your bot and its new identity. Customers will not need to do anything.
If you decide to scaled your bot with public, You need to reach the minimum 75 servers requirements to get verified, It's depends on you.
You can change your bot's avatar, name, about me and status at any time - Discord is limiting you to two name changes an hour though.
Not really. As your custom branded bot will still use Scathach's emojis and commands, people might be able to find out that Scathach is running that bot though. But there is a fully customizing its behaviour and appearance, You can adjust it which you want and which stuff that you dont want.
Yes! You can change your bot's status directly through command.
Your bot's about me can be easily updated in Discord's Developer portal - how you get there will be explained during the setup process.
Absolutely! You can use your custom branded bot on as many servers as you want. That how "Scaled" works.
Mostly not! As your bot will be hosted on multiple clusters hosted by a different hosting service than the official Scathach, most of the downtimes won't affect your custom branded bot.
No, unfortunately not. Scathach and your custom branded bot both need the exact same permissions for your custom branded bot to work.
But you can easily hide Scathach from other users by taking away all its roles except the one with its permissions.
Everyone who subscribes to Scathach's Custom Branding option gets access to an additional channel on its support server,
where you can address issues, ask questions, and talk on voice channels about Custom Branding.
No additional fee if you dont scale your bot, No additional charge if your custom branding bot still under 75 servers or depends its inbound/outbound traffic, otherwise yes.
No, we can ensure that all the fees and additional charge will be shown and tells properly on the dedicated channel in our support server.
You need no worries on it, However You will be notified if there is any changes with clearly proof, screenshot, and including the explanation.
Yes, we will take advantage with your subscription to host different clusters and paid hosting with your custom branded bot on a different service.
We can ensure that your custom branded bot will have no downtime and always online, this including all instance such as lavalink and other APIs.
The amount you have to pay for your server to get a custom branded bot is based on your guilds's size.
This price includes not only the increasing hosting costs but also the fact that way less people will discover Scathach through your server because of the custom branding and you get a completely customizable bot with 24/7 uptime, maintenance and regular updated and new features!
You can cancel your subscription at any time through Scathach Patreon page. Guilt free no questions asked.
⛔Temporary Closed

We appreciate your enthusiasm about this! However, this'll make us takes more decision in the future. We will open this again soon.

Read the FAQ for more information.